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The Tigard Water District is the governmental entity that represents the Unincorporated Bull Mountain area within the Tigard Water Service Area.


The Tigard Water District, along with the Cities of Durham, King City, and Tigard, contract with the City of Tigard to deliver water to the customers in our District.


Those areas covered by this Intergovernmental Agreement make up the Tigard Water Service Area (TWSA). This arrangement provides an efficient way to deliver clean, reliable water to four different jurisdictions at a competitive price. An appointed representative from the governments of Tigard, Durham, and the Tigard Water District (along with two Members-At-Large) meet bimonthly as the Water Advisory Board (WAB) to provide recommendations to the City of Tigard regarding the water needs of the TWSA.


The Tigard Water District does not provide water, sewer, or storm services within the boundaries of the City of Tigard. If you live within the city, please contact the City of Tigard Water Department directly for more information.


The Tigard Water District is governed by a five-member Board of Commissioners. Commissioners are elected at-large from the district during elections held in May of odd-numbered years. Although they are elected officials, the Commissioners receive no pay or compensation for their time. They are all volunteers who live within the Tigard Water District boundary.

Jeff Moeggenberg portrait2(2)_edited_edited_edited_edited.jpg

Jeff Moeggenberg



Serving Position 1 

4 year term ending June 30, 2025

Commissioner Moeggenberg also acts as the 2nd representative to the Water Advisory Board


Bill Tichy



Serving Position 2

4 year term ending June 30, 2025

Ken Henschel



Serving Position 3

4 year term ending June 30, 2023

Commissioner Henschel also acts as the 1st representative to the Water Advisory Board

Mel Marzahl


Serving Position 4 

4 year term ending June 30, 2023

Michele Limas


Serving Position 5 

4 year term ending June 30, 2023

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