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The Tigard Water District contracts the City of Tigard to deliver water to customers in our District.


The Tigard Water District does not provide water, sewer, or storm services within the boundaries of the City of Tigard. Utility billing information such as payment options, where your money goes, water meter sales, check for leaks / request a leak adjustment credit, keep water meter accessible, reading the water meter, utility billing policies, and water line insurance alerts can be found on the City of Tigard Water Utility Billing page.


City of Tigard



Clean Water Services



City of Tigard



***Coronavirus and Drinking Water (3/18/2020)
The COVID-19 virus has not been detected in drinking-water supplies. Lake Oswego and Tigard invested in an advanced state-of-the-art water treatment plant that uses chlorination and ozone as a combined disinfectant. Ozone is a strong oxidizer that is highly effective against bacteria and viruses, especially in combination with chlorine. Learn more about drinking water and COVID-19:

FREE Conservation Kits

To encourage water-wise practices both inside and outside the home, Tigard Water Service Area residents can request FREE water conservation kits. To receive a kit, please email Jennifer Joe at the City Of Tigard:

FREE Water Audits

As a service to Tigard Water Service Area customers, the city offers free water audits to help citizens find ways to use less water. Request a free water audit online or by phone at 503-718-2591


Conservation Tips

Visit for more information on smart and easy ways to save water. View their entire selection of downloadable materials.

Billing Calculator

The Tigard Water Service Area customer bill calculator and the new water rates effective January 1, 2020 can be found on the City of Tigard's on-line site Water Rates and Information page.

Know H2O

The Tigard Water Service Area - Know H2O newsletter has been published and can be viewed and downloaded from the Annual Know H2O Newsletter - Summer 2020 Edition.

Report a problem

Want to report a public works problem?  Visit to find the most up to date contact numbers, forms, and report the issue.

***Source: Tigard City Hall website


For more information about our water system, please contact the following individuals with the City of Tigard:


     Water Pressure/Leak Problems
    Public Works Front Desk |

     Cross Connection and Backflow
     Hung Nguyen |

     Utility Division Manager
     John Goodrich | 

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