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Tigard Water District

Record Request

Requesting Public Records:

Oregon Public Records Law grants each person the right to inspect the records of a public body, unless exempt from disclosure. The District shall issue a written acknowledgment within five (5) business days of receipt of a written request, and generally shall have an additional ten (10) business days from the date of acknowledgment to accommodate the request.


A District Representative will contact you within ten (10) business days of receiving your initial request, confirming the district has received the requested record or informing you that we are not the custodian of the record or we are uncertain whether we have the requested record.

Making public documents available online is an important tool to provide enhanced customer service. Through
TWD website. Documents hosted on the website may be electronically accessed free of charge, any time of day.

Additional Information:

The Tigard Water District’s Public Records Request Form is provided to the public to assist in obtaining copies of any non-exempt TWD record.


The District may request additional information or clarification from the requester for the purpose of expediting its response to the request. To facilitate this process, a public records request form is available on the District’s website. An alternate form may be used provided all the required information is included. Requests must be submitted in writing. Written request must be presented in person at a Board Meeting, or by US mail to Tigard Water District, PO Box 230281, Portland, OR 97281-0281.


The District may charge reasonable fees to reimburse the District for the cost of responding to a public records request. This includes staff time for making public records available, including costs for summarizing, compiling or tailoring the public records, either in organization or media, to meet the request. The District also may charge a fee to cover the cost of time spent by the District’s attorney in reviewing the public records, redacting material from the public record or segregating the public record into exempt and nonexempt records.


There is no charge for responding to Records Request Form if the request can be accommodated in 15 minutes or less. If the response process requires more than 15 minutes of time, the District will charge for time required.


  1. Attorney time shall be charged at the attorney’s regular hourly rate.

  2. The District will charge 20 cent page for black-and-white, 30 cents per page for color, letter-size, printed copies. For copies of sound recordings, color copies, maps, and other unusual formats, additional costs will apply.

  3. If the record is stored in an offsite location, additional charges for the retrieval and access of the records may apply.

  4. If a request is of such magnitude and/or nature that compliance would disrupt the District's normal operation, the District may impose such additional charges as are necessary to reimburse the District for its actual costs of producing the records.

  5. The District shall provide an estimate of costs in advance, and shall require such amount to be paid prior to providing the requested record(s). The District shall provide written notification to the requester and obtain confirmation that the requester desires to move forward with the request. If the actual amount to produce the record(s) exceeds the amount of the estimate, the requester shall pay the additional amount prior to receiving the record(s).

  6.          Payment must be made by cash, money order, or certified bank check.

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